Massage Totnes

Deep Tissue:

Deep tissue massage instigates a greater tension relieving response than a classic massage by concentrating on deeper muscles. It uses a mix of classic massage strokes, increasing pressure where there is tension, typically following the muscle fibres or going against to provide friction.  The aim is to reduce muscle tension by releasing knots and restoring elasticity. Deep tissue massage is also designed to increase blood flow to targeted muscles and removing any toxic build up, kick-starting the body’s natural healing process.

This treatment is catered solely for the individual as everyones pain threshold is different. So whether you like a more gentle deep tissue or a more intense one we will ensure that this is met.


Aromatherapy/ relaxation massage is ideal for when life seems overwhelming. This treatment is the perfect way to de-stress, unwind and chill out. Using light, flowing strokes and high-quality essential oils help to release your muscles and calm your nervous system. A gentle, nurturing massage for when you need a little self-care.

If this sounds like you but you'd also like some deeper work where needed this can be added to the treatment.

Franzie Kelly Acupuncture & Massage in Totnes